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oil spill detection

The oil spill model code MEDSLIK-II (De Dominicis et. al 2013, Part 1 and Part 2), based on its precursor oil spill model MEDSLIK (Lardner and Zodiatis 1998; Lardner et al. 2006; Zodiatis et al. 2008) is a freely available community model and can be downloaded from this website. It is designed to be used to predict the transport and weathering of an oil spill, using a lagrangian representation of the oil slick.
If you want to access the code, go to the Download section.



Members of MEDSLIK-II

The development of the MEDSLIK-II model is supported by a formal agreement (Memorandum of Agreement for the Operation and Continued Development of MEDSLIK-II) signed by the following institutions:

ingv INGV

Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia

ingv CMCC

Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici


Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche – Istituto per lo Studio dell’Ambiente Marino Costiero


Oceanography Center at the University of Cyprus

unibo UNIBO

Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna